The malting process consists of three phases: steeping, germination, and kilning.

In the first few days of steeping, the main objective is to dramatically increase the moisture in the grain. This uptake in moisture causes the kernels to begin germination. However, the grain isn’t always immersed in water during steeping. There are “air rests” programmed in between the different steeps. This helps drive off CO2 and allow the grain to absorb oxygen. Germination comes next. Cool, humid air is constantly blown through the grain bed. The barley will be turned gently for hours with the pictured stainless steel augers to achieve an even modification. Once the barley is finished germinating it will have a sweet taste. We conclude the process with kilning at various temperatures depending on the type of malt desired. At this point our high quality handcrafted malt is distinctively unique and just about ready for delivery.